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Imagine for a moment that Mr. Donald Trump came and told you that every day at midnight he was going to deposit $86,400.00.00 into your bank account. That’s $31,536,000.00 in a year. Now the money is all yours and you can spend it as you desire, but there is one catch (isn’t there always). You must spend all of the money in the 24 hour period. You cannot carry any over to the next day, everything must be spend; to the last penny.

Here is my question. How many ways would you be coming up with to spend that money? How creative do you think you can get. Would you still be a couch potato or would you re-prioritize your day to make the most of all that money.

Well, what $86,400.00 represents is really all of the seconds that you and I are allocated every single day. We can never get one of those seconds back, and we cannot roll those seconds over to the next day. Think about this every time you tell yourself, Oh I’ll just watch this show and then I’ll get to the task or I’ll get to that tomorrow, etc.

Time is a precious commodity. So next time you say to yourself “there just isn’t enough time in the day.” Well truth is there is 86,400 seconds to be exact. How are you spending those precious seconds? Learn to make the most of it. How do we go about doing that? Well here is a few to think about

· Keep a “To Do List.” You will find how much more you get done every day if you stay focus on your goals for the day; and don’t let anything distract you.

· Think of time as money and budget it as you would a bank account.

· When running errands map out what stores or places you need to visit. Then try to visit those places in a circle or square sort of trip. That way you are not doubling back to somewhere you were already at.

· TiVo or similar technology. You record all your shows and then when it is time to sort the laundry and fold it or some other similar task, you can do both a t the same time.

Well, I hope at least I got your thinking about it. Remember, we can never get yesterday back and tomorrow will just become your today. Do the most with it.

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Manny is IT system Administrator with Intel Corp. who has recently started doing internet research on weight loss program and now also self improvement and internet marketing.