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We all have our favorite sayings, verses, quotes or just simple and honest ideas that in many ways each day govern or direct our lives either directly or indirectly. Over the years I have developed what I call my “Life Mantras List” that are the primary and critical thoughts or concepts that I use to live, work and play each day and as this year (one I am grateful for – for many reasons) comes to an end I thought I would share just 21 of them that are the foundation as to how I try and live my life each day.

There is no order to the following as I have not included all of the items on my list but just some of the major ones that I thought might trigger some action, reflection or introspection on your part. Please accept that I am in no way suggesting that if you don’t have a list, your items are not the same as mine or any other criteria – that mine is better than or more appropriate than yours. Just sharing. By the way, just to be clear some of these are not my original ones but things people over the years have taught me.

Since this will be my last article submission for this year – I offer you my very best wishes to you and your friends, family, customers or co-workers for a safe holiday season and a healthy and prosperous 2018.

Here’s my list;

I am on God’s schedule. This one doesn’t need any further explanation.

I’m just getting warmed up. I don’t ever plan to retire – why would I want to stop doing what I love – speaking around the world and writing in my spare time. I’m not famous, a celebrity or wealthy but I am having a blast and hopefully getting better every day.

If it happens I’ll get excited if it doesn’t I won’t be disappointed. We can’t control much in life. So, the best thing we can do in my opinion is do our best to do what we can and then let go of the outcomes.

It’s not over till it’s over. Too many people die emotionally before they do physically.

If you are one of these people why? Live while you still can. Yes, age and health issues can change lifestyle, but they don’t have to eliminate it.

God is in control. Again – this one speaks for itself.

No excuses will ever be enough when you give up on your mission. Doing your best is no guarantee that you will win or achieve your goals or dreams. But not doing your best sure won’t work in your favor.

This life is not about me but you. I was put here to serve not be the center of attention or the center of your world.

Life is short and fragile – you are here for a littler while and then gone forever. Having survived a few recent health challenges, I can tell you – live to the fullest while you can.

I will learn as much as I can every day and share everything I learn. Read, learn, grow and share every day, otherwise what’s the point?

I was not put on the earth for your approval. Like me – don’t like me – approve of me – don’t approve of me – I have to be me. When I try to be who or what you want – I lose me – not going to happen folks, no matter how hard you try.

I refuse to grow up. I am forty years + younger than my age and with each passing year I intend to get younger and not older.

I will say thank you all day – every day. Again, this says it all. No matter what or who comes into my life and whatever their or its agenda I will just say thank you.

Every day is a gift. Not talking here about presents, money, health or anything. Just that far too many people are not given the gift of life today. We were – so cherish it and stop whining, complaining etc.

Failure is necessary to succeed. I have failed at more things and relationships than I have succeeded at during my life but each of them has taught me more about life and its value and purpose than any of the successes. So, bring them on.

This too shall prepare me. One of my favorite people gave me this line. It’s not this too shall pass (common phrase) but – well, read it again.

You are never too old or too young to dream. So, stop acting your age and go for it.

Quitting is stupid. Do I need to explain this one? If I do well, no disrespect intended but you need to go back to kindergarten.

Don’t wait for God to start you – keep going till He stops you. I love this one.

You never fail till you stop trying. Bought this sign years ago when I was taking my kids horseback riding. It was in the gift shop. It’s been on my wall for many, many years since that day.

It’s all trivia. You are born. One day you will die. Everything in between is trivia.

My age is just a number. “My age is none of my business.” Mark Twain.

Da, That’s it folks…