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During the summer of 2010, one of my former bosses and mentors passed away at the age of 62. Mike Dunn impacted many people’s lives during his 62 years. I met Mike Dunn in 1994 when I served on a committee to recruit a new Director of Recreational Sports at Ohio State University. I was immediately impressed by Mike’s commitment to help others achieve their next level of success and happiness!

In honor of Mike, I decided to offer several game changing thoughts to inspire you to reach your next level of success and happiness when dealing with tough times…

  1. Find something to “enjoy to the fullest” in all your experiences
  2. Your ego can rob you of joy, if left unchecked
  3. When given rewards and opportunities, give back to others and invest in yourself to keep pace with your success
  4. Peace is always a choice, not something that must be found
  5. What is possible is well beyond our current limited experiences so develop a compelling vision for the future
  6. Trust your potential to overcome your short-comings
  7. Shift your perspective to overcome your immediate challenges – most of immediate challenges dissolve when we ask about their significance in 10 minutes, 10 months, or 10 years
  8. Aspire to be “way out in front” while detaching from the need for public confirmation
  9. You don’t need a middle man to connect with your higher power
  10. Nothing has power over you without your agreement
  11. Bad times and good times are both a part of life. Bad times are a blessing to make good times much sweeter if we focus on lessons and action, not griping and complaining!
  12. There is always a solution to your problems, you need to be relentlessly in your search for them. Don’t quit before the miracle happens!
  13. Your strengths are always within reach
  14. Maslow defines self actualization as being independent of the good (or bad) opinion of others
  15. There is always somewhere you can start your journey forward – no matter where you are
  16. Time is like a magnet. It attracts all kinds of activities to fill it. You must be able to establish priorities to reach your destination AND enjoy your journey!
  17. Accountability and responsibility are always part of the journey – so are forgiveness and compassion
  18. There is always an element of hustle that must follow thinking, planning, and communicating
  19. A dream becomes a goal when you develop and act on your “plan to start.” A goal becomes a reality when you adjust that plan and persistently push through or go around your challenges!
  20. Confidence does not come from the outside, it is created on the inside
  21. Inspiration is the breakfast of champions

I offer these nuggets as food for thought because right thinking precedes right action. However, action must follow thinking to reap the benefits of it. So, take action NOW on the game changing thought that resonates with you!

NOTE: If you are looking for further information on these thoughts, search for other articles I have written on the words in BOLD above.

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