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Are you ready to put those excuses away that do not serve you? Excuses have gotten you where you are today in life and business. Decide today to commit and succeed.

To succeed at anything it takes commitment, without it you will not be able to keep your promise to yourself. Remember the promises you have made to yourself? Some of them you have not kept for many reasons. Time to find your commitment and succeed this time.

Everyone’s commitment level is different… it is all about mind – set. If the pictures in your mind do not change…your life will not change. So when you are thinking “I Can’t” do something, change it to “I can”. Get the picture in your mind and remember the no excuse policy. There will be times you just will not want to…do it anyway. It takes commitment and determination to change anything in your life or business.

When you understand you have all the control and train yourself to follow through with your commitment… you can do anything you wish. Time to sit down and think about what it is you want to happen in 2011. Write it down…visit it from time to time, and it is OK to adjust your wants. Life never stays the same…things change in our lives all the time which can change your commitment.

Find your strong points and make them stronger….find your weak points and make them stronger.

We are approaching 2011, will this year be the year you really commit to yourself, your promise, and make it happen… or will it be just another year of dreams that never come true?

Creating Success,

Alice McCarthy