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Depending on the different levels of development and achievement, individuals will be faced with varied degrees of pressure. Priorities could differ, but not the life goal -to succeed. Economic pressure is most central. It has proved so pivotal to determining decisions and progress across other spheres -as cultural, spiritual, political, morality and integrity – and social.

The well-off are most likely to be adventurous and out-going, if a factor like personality type did not come into play. And those still struggling will either open themselves up to risks or make well-thought plans to advance and succeed in challenging situations. The most common risks today are prostitution, cheating, impersonating, stealing and lying.

The thoughtful-and-planners category of individuals will be careful in the process of making decision -and evaluative of every action. Very mindful of irritable errors, they will make sure such are predicted and kept off -before hand. And where plans do not come forth -in the real world state, as a matter of principle, they will sit down, re-examine themselves and set new operational standards.

For a child, the commonest decision will be to impress parents or guardians in order to win favors like being taken out for a show, going for a rare lunch or breakfast, being taken for a trip and acquiring new gifts. Areas they impress at are basically helping at home and excelling at studies.

Young adults, on their part, will want to fully develop their careers, identify potential marriage partners and have a booming social life. This, though, is never easy to achieve. For them, the sky is always the limit, and want positive results regarding career success -as soon as possible. When it never comes as driven, they get filled with frustrations and gone on for several weeks moaning or even longer.

The “simple” battlers rarely go any further with the chase; very soon -they give up and live a redundant life, at most, they beg. But even for begging, yields only support efforts to acquiring alcohol and smoking a wide range of substances -including cigarettes and bhang.

They forget that in life making positive steps to success, alone, is rewarding -and eventually leads to attainment of one’s goal. This, though, requires a lot of patience -since the moment one would choose to quit his or her effort to find happiness could turn out to be a centimeter away to a given treasure.

Generally, all ages encounter similar healthy risks -if they plan poorly for their lives and make life threatening decisions. Health problems range from malaria fever for children below five years to sexually transmitted diseases and numerous cancers for young adults and older ones. In the course of planning hard to achieve success and happiness one maybe faced by such blockades.

However, in spite of such challenges, as those faced last year, a concerned person by now must have finished assessing himself or herself, written down resolution and giving 2010 another run, this time around, with new strategies. Some elements one must keep in mind are patience, persistent, playing one’s best part everyday, planning and carrying out self-assessments everyday. And important aspects to be keen at addressing are unhealthy risks, poor or no budgeting and low or no income to meet ever-growing demands. Since they are critical issues to life, in addressing them was must be very uncompromising and steadfast in 2010!

Jacob Waiswa
Situation Health Analyst”>