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Hats off. By looking to improve your time management you are on your way. Most students won’t make such an effort. So you have a big advantage.

The work load in college is a lot. But if you know ho to manage it and know the right study skills, it can be far simpler. There’s more.

There are a lot of ways to improve your time management. But not all of them are worth your time. The 3 below are ones that will have a big impact for you. They will get you a lot of results, for a smaller effort.

Which I like a lot more than the reverse. A big effort and no results. Let’s get started.

Make sure that you…

Keep Energy High

When you are a bit tired, it’s extremely difficult to get things done. Nothing new. We’ve all been there.

And you already know getting enough sleep is important. But I’ll bet you’ve overlooked this other source of low energy.

The foods you eat. When you eat heavy foods such as white carbs or meat (especially in large amounts) your body’s energy level takes a sharp dive.

Perhaps not immediately, but within the hour. And at that point, it doesn’t matter how much will power you have, your studies simply won’t get done.

You just can’t focus.

You’ve probably felt this but weren’t sure why. But also remember to…

Have A Routine

When you sit down to study, do you have a clear system that you follow? If not, you are going to struggle. Here’s why.

You will be far more susceptible to the whims of your mind. Not only that, any time you feel confused about what to do you get a bad idea. “Maybe I should do this later instead.”

By having a clear system that you follow, you’ll know exactly what to do, will cut out confusion and the procrastination it causes. And be able to remember more and do your work in less time.

Now, that might sound exaggerated but it really isn’t. And here’s the kicker.

You don’t need to figure it out yourself. There is an extremely good book on the topic. It’s called “How to Maximize Your Memory” By Ramon Campayo. Now don’t let the title fool you. It teaches you an entire study system, not just how to increase your memory.

I know you’ll love the results.

All The Best,
Dante Romero

Effective time management takes more than information. It takes a lot more. There isn’t room here for everything, but you can find more here: Techniques of Time Management []