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It’s easy. These 2 tricks will make it simple for you to get more done. Not only that, you’ll like the added side effect.

Less stress.

And who wouldn’t want that? Keep reading.

A Peculiar Story

But before I get started, a needed story. (you’ll see why this is important in just a minute).

When I first went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I was disgusted. The guesthouse I stayed at was incredibly dirty. There were cockroaches, rats in the fridge, rats in the living area, bed bugs in the couch. I had never seen anything like it.

I was glad when I arrived at the next place and it was a little cleaner. Then there was Bangkok, Thailand.

Dear god, is it dirty. There is trash all over the streets. And it absolutely stinks of car fumes. They don’t believe in emissions laws it seems. But here’s what’s really weird.

When I went back to Kuala Lumpur, I stayed at the same guesthouse. I know, I know. Why do it again?

I was tired and I already knew where it was. But oddly…

It didn’t seem so dirty anymore. It actually seemed pretty clean. The fact is, after staying at so many terribly dirty places in south east Asia (especially Bangkok) it didn’t seem so dirty anymore.

But when I had first came from my well-kept house in the United States, the contrast made it seem terrible.

Do you see the issue? Let me explain.

The human brain tends to think of things relatively. If I bought the kids living homeless in Bangkok an ice cream cone, it would make their entire month happy. But…

If I bought another traveler one, they’d just say “What do you want?” and give me a questioning and untrusting look. You can use this phenomenon to your advantage.

Play With The Volume

Start each day by working intensely. Use the software at to set deadlines so short they are almost impossible to meet. Do so for every task. Push yourself for those first two hours of the day. Really push yourself. Why?

That’s usually when you’ll have the most energy (because you definitely know you don’t for the last 2 hours of the day). And then, take a break. And stop using the timers.

Just go back to doing things as usual. Not only will you get more done those first 2 hours, but the rest of the day will seem… easy. After it’s relative. If you just got out of bed, everything seems like a lot of work.

If you just finished a stampede of work – working as usual seems easy. And you can finish the day feeling relaxed. Afterall… it was easy.

Just like Turning the stereo up REALLY loud then turning it down. Suddenly what would have been loud before now doesn’t seem so loud anymore.

Do this first thing tomorrow. I know you’ll like your results.

All The Best,
Dante Romero

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