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1. What did I achieve this year?

You want to keep writing every little thing that you achieved. Learnt a canter transition off your seat, installed a gym habit, developed a closer relationship with your daughter? What ever it is, just start your mind in January and keep going…

2. Which goals did I achieve?

Sometimes you achieve things that aren’t a goal. Hence the first list is EVERYTHING you achieved. This list is now specifically looking through your yearly goals you set for 2011 and checking them off.

3. How did I achieve my achievements?

You need an evidence procedure for how you did it – so you can do it again! Perhaps it was digging deep and working harder when you wanted to give up, maybe it was seeing a new coach and learning something new which meant you could finally tick off your goal.

4. Which goals didn’t I achieve?

We need to list all the goals you didn’t tick off so we can determine if they are still important and need to be on the list for next year.

5. Why didn’t I achieve them?

Perhaps the goal became unimportant, perhaps you didn’t have enough knowledge or skills yet to get the success. Whatever it is – you need to know what you need to ensure success next time.

6. What made me happy this year?

What gave you pleasure, made you smile, had you laughing? Maybe it’s seeing family, friends, holidays, going somewhere, new hobby? Whatever it is – you need to make sure you schedule it in again, and more of it if possible into your diary plan for next year. Remember the meaning of life is to experience as much joy and pleasure as possible in every moment!

7. How can I make sure I get even more happy moments?

Like I said – schedule it in, I have done my diary for 2012 already and locked in dinner with some friends for March 2012.

8. What made me sad?

I LOVE this one – I keep a diary, and when I look back at this year and what made me sad, I can’t think of many things – but in my diary, when I’m in it, you can read the pain I chose to be in and experience. The main thing here – is there something in your life that constantly causes you pain? Maybe you hate your job, or are always fighting with a friend, or feel bad when you see them. Whatever it is – if you can clearly remember being sad a lot because of a certain someone/something – then you need to do something about it! Again – life is for fun and enjoyment not pain and disappointment!

9. Looking back – should I have been sad?

This is also remembering for next time if you are sad – to ask yourself will I remember this/will this really matter in a years time? If the answer is no, get over it and be happy now! Looking back – all the times I was sad were not a time to be sad – I should have been celebrating, as the challenges made me a better woman today than if I hadn’t had them! Remember everything is an opportunity to grow!

10. What did I learn?

Love this one! I have a book tally of how many books I read, also conferences I attended, people I met. Everything I learned about myself, riding, business, people, friendship, love, laughter, everything! What did you learn? Write it all down! You will be amazed at all your learning’s! If you don’t have many learning’s, perhaps that’s another thing to commit to for 2012. If you’re not growing you are dying, it is impossible to stand still!

11. What haven’t I learned?

Did you repeat any mistakes? The universe will keep presenting the same challenge until you successfully overcome it. So what haven’t you learned yet? What do you need to change/accept/develop to successfully meet your challenges?

12. What were my challenges?

If I am getting the same challenges year after year, that means I have not grown and successfully overcome it. As long as I have new challenges every year, then I know I am growing! The more you progress, the better the challenges get – so hopefully you have bigger challenges every year!

13. What were my learning’s from my mistakes?

So you stopped making the same mistakes! Excellent – what specifically did you learn? Make sure you know, so if you slip back and create the same challenge, you know what you learned and what you have to do to fix it!

14. What was the best thing about the last year?

This is just to celebrate what was your biggest win or best moment! Re-live it, anchor it, and use it as your evidence procedure of what you can achieve and more!

15. What was my biggest learning from the last year?

All the challenges are worth it when you can see how much you have grown and how much you have learned!

So there you go! Enjoy recapping the last year and CONGRATULATIONS on all your accomplishments, learning’s and experiences! I am sure you are grateful for them all, and are very excited about setting new goals and making the next year you best year ever!

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