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We all get 24 Hours in a day. So, how come some people get so much more accomplished than others in the same amount of time? I am not referring to busy work, chores and things that are senseless. I am speaking about very valuable accomplishments that have a huge impact upon our world. I am also not talking about a work-a-holic. These productive individuals have extremely balanced lives. A balanced life is a life that allow you to do the things you love, with the people that you love, AND serve others by making a difference.

We must start at the beginning. The key difference between these two types of people: the productive and the energy-spinners, is what they BELIEVE about their life and the purpose they serve in the life we are given. The person who consistently produces good and valuable accomplishments, has a belief that they are here to serve others. I am not referring to serving an employer or a selfless servant. I do not mean that being an employee is bad. I am talking about the type of work that you do. I mean true SERVICE. Another way to view this is, “I Serve GOD by Serving HIS People”. Is what you do serving others and having a positive impact on the lives of others.

The person who wastes energy on small endeavors and has no directive toward accomplishing much (for themselves nor others), believes that their life was dealt to them like we are in a grand card game. Each day is just another day to get through, not making waves, and staying under the radar, and frequently complaining along the way. This person looks outward to who they can blame for their “lot in life”.

The productive person takes personal responsibility for their life. Fully knowing that life is a gift from GOD, this productive person uses every minute of life finding valuable ways to Serve to the highest level possible to give the gift right back to GOD. The gift is given back through service.

Service in many forms:

– Teacher

– Lawyer

– Chiropractor

– Writer

– Speaker

– Coach

– Priest

– Construction Worker

– Husband / Wife

– Father / Mother

– Friend

– Volunteer

…You get the idea…

Everything you do is part of your service. Productive people value time and respect it so they use it well and very efficiently. When they “work” they do so with intense concentration, respect, schedules, preparation, and efficiency. When they PLAY they do so in exactly the same way. This FUN time is respected, valued, scheduled, and thoroughly enjoyed. When we LOVE what we do for “work” and we enjoy our PLAY time we have a very balanced and productive life.