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What are the 13 Universal Principles of Success? What are the benefits of identifying and verifying these Principles? You do not have to accept what anyone says about these principles because for them to be real for you they have to be drawn from your own life experiences. You can say, “I have been there and done that.” The benefits of such a process of coming into harmony with the Universal Laws are life changing. Here is what anyone can expect from this exercise:

The Universal Law of Being

An individual that recognizes that there is more to him than just a body, a piece of complicated electromagnetic equipment, that operates, more or less, mechanically, has made the first important step. He will break the chains of being mechanical by observing himself and those natural laws that captivate him. He will recognize that his Being is a composite and that he is a spirit with a body instead of just a physical being or even a physical being with a spirit.

The Universal Law of Absolute Unity

He will come to know in body, soul and mind that he is part of Being as a Whole. He will know that he is a part of the divine matrix and his real source of energy and power is oneness with Universal Being.

The Universal Law of Proper Perspective

He will know where he is and he will know where he is going. He will be more in one sense than most people ever become because he will know what he is doing. He will know exactly what he wants and what is important. He will have a sense of what his purpose in life is. His attitude will be such that there will be no room for negative or destructive thoughts.

The Universal Law of Pure Potentiality

He will know that the manner in which he is in the image of Universal Being is that his Divine Birthright is that he too is a creator, a part of the continuing process of creation. He will know that his thoughts are very powerful, each thought creating constructively or destructively. Every thought is part of the creation of his life.

The Universal Law of Evolution and Unfoldment

He will know that he is the author and creator of his life. He has not created the thought in a day and that it will not take form in a day. He will know it is a process of evolution and unfoldment; that he is in a perfect school and that he has entered a process that will have numerous lessons for him. He will know that if he is persistent, and holds the vision, what has been created in thought will take form.

The Universal Law of Balance and Equalization

He will know that part of the composite of which he consists is the understanding he has brought with him, what he has accumulated in this life and what he will gather to himself in the process. He will recognize that all of this is part of a perfect system of justice. Universal Being does not, and never has, created anything imperfect. He will know that for him to realize fulfillment he has to be in harmony with the perfect Laws of Universal Being. Any non-alignment is a counter weight to his progress.

The Universal Law of Believing and Knowing

He will know that what he creates in thought will take form and that without thought there can be no form. What is created in thought only requires his belief that it will take form. If he does not believe that it will be he has endowed his thought not only with an empty wish but the failure becomes a destructive power telling him that the Laws do not work. It is equivalent to saying Universal Being has no power. If he believes that what he has created in thought will be constructed or formed, he will know that it is only a matter of time. He does not worry the thought like a dog a bone. He believes in its creative power and the thought takes form due to his actions and expectation. He begins with thought and it grows with intent, buttressed with expectation.

The Universal Law of Attraction

He believes because he knows that he is a creator and that thought creates. His intent is powerful and he allows it to take form. The attraction of others to his creation takes form because others are attracted to such an individual. Men and material are attracted like metal is attracted to a magnet. Those around him cannot help it. We are attracted to such individuals because whether or not we are as cognizant of the Laws as he is, we want the same thing.

The Universal Law of Abundance

He will know that there is no limit on his creation but what he placed on it by the limits he placed on himself and his vision. He knows that he can create shortages as easily as he creates abundance. He knows that when he experiences shortages and obstacles that he is the one who has done so. He will take full responsibility, blaming no one else, and will change his thinking. He will draw on the power of Universal Being and his full potentiality by expanding his thoughts and vision. He will not belabor the problem but refocus on the solution and the vision he has created.

The Universal Law of Relativity

He will be aware that he is not an island; that others will be needed to fulfill his vision. He will know that he is connected to those that will have to be drawn into his vision; to those who share the vision and to those he will serve. He will become fully aware of the effect he has on all with whom he comes in contact.

The Universal Law of Righteous Self-interest

He will know that he cannot cast his pearls before swine. In other words, his vision is held up always for him to keep in focus. He will know that he cannot be selfish but that this is his primary purpose. This purpose cannot be realized without giving but he will know that he cannot allow others’ negative thoughts to diminish that vision or deter him from its fulfillment. His purpose is to learn and to benefit those he comes in contact with. It is not a selfish endeavor because it is an expression of his love of life and Being as a Whole.

The Universal Law of Giving

He will know that he will have no chance of seeing his vision manifested unless he is serving others; that this life is about giving of himself, his vision, his time, his knowledge and his money. He knows that the measure of his receiving is in the measure of his giving. What he puts into his creation is the determining factor in what he will get out of it.

The Universal Law of Love

He is fully aware that the love he shows to all Being is his expression of his love for life, Self and Universal Being. He will know this because he will know that he is a part of the Absolute Unity and is connected to all. He will know that whether the bulk of his giving is in the form of knowledge, time or money, that no matter what he gives constructively, he is giving love. Love is what he has received from Universal Being and it is all that he can constructively give. All is an expression of love for Universal Being.


If you think you have learned anything in school and life so far, I suggest that it will pale by comparison to identifying and verifying the Universal Principles of Success in your life experiences.

1) Make it the highest priority to study the 13 Universal Principles of Success in relation to your life and identify those experiences that can confirm the existence of each Law. Then you can begin the work on Self from a position of knowing. If you cannot identify them, continue your study from a different perspective. I have written a number of books from different perspectives specifically for this reason.

2) Identify those things that you love doing which are constructive and beneficial to others. You will, thereby, identify how you are most capable of giving. “Where your treasure is there will your heart will be also.”

3) No matter what else you do, begin by recognizing that your thoughts are powerful expressions of the inner Being; that you cannot afford a negative thought and that what you think, you become.

James Renford Powell is the author of the Renford Books and Founder of The Institute Of Applied Metaphysics. He is also the Managing Editor of IAMPress, a publishing company that works primarily with first time authors. He may be best known for his Laws Of Material Wealth Study Program at []. He can be contacted at
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