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  1. Don’t take on too much, you will feel bad when you can’t get it all done – be realistic about what’s possible, better to achieve small things consistently than nothing.
  2. Leave for tomorrow that which can wait – so you go home on time and enjoy some time for yourself.
  3. Practice Yoga or T’ai Chi if you want to be calmer and more relaxed. Mind and body connect and as you learn to go with the flow during your practice the effect on life the rest of the week will be amazing.
  4. Cancel journal subscriptions when a new journal arrives and you haven’t even unwrapped the last one it’s time to stop. You’ll save money and remove a whole load of time pressure too.
  5. Don’t subscribe to new journals – before you do this ask what you hope to gain. Can you find out the information you might want from the internet or from colleagues instead?
  6. Stop buying newspapers and magazines – that you don’t have time to read!
  7. Chuck the junk mail before it reaches your desk – as you sort the pile of post pick out the obvious junk mail and bin it without opening
  8. Deal with everything new, on the day it arrives – at the very least sort it into appropriate piles such as bills to pay, things to file and so on. Best of all though is to do what you have to do.
  9. Tackle any backlog, doing some each day until clear – instead of adding to an already large pile, have a separate ‘back-log pile’ and deal with this bit by bit each day, separately from the new stuff.
  10. Set personal self-care goals – everyone says they want to exercise more or eat more healthily, so be specific about what you will actually do in this area.
  11. Shorten each consultation by a minute or two- instead of running over time decide to keep well into the time or even slightly shorter so that a block of spare time accumulates for other things
  12. Allow a catch up slot every 4-6 patients- this means leaving a gap a few times during the day. Make sure you let the admin staff know.

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