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When I was laid off, it was sort of fun at first and I made sure I did all those ‘someday things’. I cleaned my closets, fixed my yard, painted my room, read some books, took a trip, and went camping. And then my ‘To Do’ list was done.

Below is a list of some of the things I did while job hunting. They helped to keep me sane.

1. Visit the Library. At my library, I can check my emails, write resumes, research careers, listen to books on tape, review magazines and breathe in all the words that float around me.

2. Make a Date. Stay in touch with your friends. They love you. This is the time to be honest with them and let them know if you need help, or a hug or just to talk. If the situation were reversed wouldn’t you want to know?

3. Take a Hike. Get outside. Breathe in the outdoors and look at the sky. Be sure to spend some of your walk time in silence.

4. Bold is Beautiful. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain, so speak with confidence and it will show in your body language and in your voice. Confidence = Success!

5. Get an Education. Now is the time to take a free online class. You can keep your mind occupied while you discover the job you’ve been looking for.

6. Network like Crazy. Let everyone know you’re out of work. Tell them what it is you do in descriptive terms so they can let others know. Get business cards and respond promptly.

7. Join the Crowd. Many of your family and friends are already on the web. Now is the time to ‘show up’. LinkedIn is a professional networking site that many businesses review when you send in a resume. Get out there and be seen in a very professional manner.

8. Make it Work. Take a job now. If you can find a part time job, take it. A part time job is a good way to stay connected to the working world. The longer you remain out of a job, the harder it will be to be the ‘best candidate’ for an upcoming job.

9. Volunteer your Time. Offer your help. Fit volunteering into your life and use this ‘down time’ to be a time of giving. As a volunteer, you’ll find ways to appreciate your life just a little bit more.

10. Move that Body. No more excuses about getting in shape. Put it on your list and include it daily. Put in some effort and make your body proud. Looking good is great for the body, soul and mind.

11. Have a Vision. Get into your head and play around with different careers. Now may be the time to do something entirely different. Oh the things you’ll learn!

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