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Unless you want to die poor and unless you want to die a frustrated and miserable human being, never fall for the myth that there is a shortcut to success. If there is any shortcut to success, it is that you have to take the long route to success. There is no easy way out in life simply because it is the way life is. It is a universal principle of success that one has to give something to life if they want something back. If you are one of the many that believe that there is an easy way out, which you are waiting to discover, then you might as well face the fact that you are one of the many losers in life. Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with being a loser in life. This is because you will be making society complete. Anyway, success wouldn’t be as sweet as it is if life wasn’t full of people who never achieve their goals.

There is nothing complicated about success. The key to success is very simple: work hard! To be successful, you have to make sacrifices. You have to dedicate your time in pursuing what it is that you consider important in life. You have to have the courage to say no to the way that seems easy. You have to be one of the few that take the road that few take in life. You have to have the courage to take the path that people think is hard. There is no other effective key to success in life.

The 10,000 hours principle states that for you to enjoy success in life, you have to have dedicated at least 10,000 hours to the mastery of whichever field, skill or thing you are pursuing. It is a principle that states that to be extraordinary in anything in life; you have to set yourself apart by being different. The most effective way of being different from other people is simply to dedicate more time and attention to pursuing your dream. Anything less than full dedication is bound to subject you to a life that is full of mediocrity. There is no other key to success except dedicating your resources to achieving your dreams.

Therefore, if it is happiness in life that you want, work for it. If it is being rich you think is important, you have to dedicate your life to becoming rich. If it is being a great dad you believe is important, then you have to work on it. Putting in the time and the hours is the only guaranteed key to success. Wishing will not do it. Dreaming will never be enough. Life will not do the magic. Whatever it is in life that you want to be extremely good at; you have to put in the hours. You have to put in the 10,000 hours or else, you will be doomed to a life that most people live: a life ruled by mediocrity!

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