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1000% Responsibility – what does that mean? It means that we choose and decide to take absolute responsibility for our lives. How does 1000% responsibility apply to relationships? How can we take absolute responsibility in relationships? We can take absolute responsibility in relationships by paying such close attention to our interactions with others that we have the awareness to “head off” trouble before it happens.

It means that we pay attention to the typical behavior of other people, rather than pretending to be caught unawares when they behave the way they always do. It means that as soon as there is even a remote possibility of a misunderstanding in the future, we step up and clarify in advance of anything happening – rather than simply letting the thing unfold negatively. It means paying attention to the characters of those we interact with, rather than pretending surprise when they reveal their character in an unpleasant way.

Example: If you have a relationship with someone who, over time, reveals different ways that they are dishonest (such as cheating on taxes, or deceiving others), don’t expect that you will be exempt from this treatment by them.

1000% responsibility in this case could be deciding that one of your criteria for relationships is choosing honest people in your life.

1000% responsibility could also mean deciding that those who are not honest will only be acquaintances, not friends.

1000% responsibility might also mean you will state your discomfort at hearing others describe their dishonest acts.

1000% responsibility means listening to your intuition or inner guidance, and avoiding these relationships.

1000% responsibility means SEEING what you are seeing and HEARING what you are hearing, rather than creating justifications for the behaviors of others.

1000% responsibility means heading problems off at the first inkling by clarifying, “Am I correct in guessing that you might be thinking X about Y?”

1000% responsibility means looking ahead to anything that could potentially become a problem and communicating about it in advance.

1000% responsibility means looking back to see anything that has caused a problem in the past and working with the person who became problematic to see if any solutions can be had to avoid problems in the future.

1000% responsibility means avoidance is not an option. Instead, handle issues at the first possibility.

1000% responsibility means not talking about a problem with anyone other than the person you have the “problem” with. If you’re talking to other people, that is gossip… and has no possibility to solve the problem. You’re talking to the wrong person.

1000% responsibility means doing things before they need to be done.

1000% responsibility means thinking and planning ahead so problems don’t arise.

1000% responsibility means staying one step ahead at all times.

1000% responsibility means taking the long range view and the “bird’s eye” view habitually.

1000% responsibility is a concept that can completely transform your life. It is simple, but not always easy. The results are totally gratifying though. It will absolutely put an end to any “victim” patterns you might be experiencing in your life.

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