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Juggling work and a family can be daunting. Listed here are ten guidelines to help you manage all the duties and responsibilities without ‘losing it’.

1.) Make a list. This doesn’t need to be actually documented on paper, although that could be quite handy. Write a mental note of your respective priorities both for your work as well as for your kids every day as a way to increase both time and energy. Never set unrealistic goals. Accomplish only the things you can realistically do per day. Also it is okay to seek help whenever you need it. Supermum doesn’t really exist!

2.) Regulate limits. You are only human. Make boundaries when considering your work load. If you keep cramming in more work than you could handle, it is going to be virtually impossible to find much time for your kids, not to mention space for yourself.

3.) Perform the duet. Do not forget that although you are the mother, your partner is likewise a parent of your children. Share the duties that need to be done at your home – chores, feeding the little one, changing the nappies, making the bed etc.

4.) Lay out the blueprint. Planning is necessary for organizing family time. You’re free to schedule what meals will be prepared for what day, what activities need doing etc. Scheduling will save you time.

5.) Set realistic expectations. Your cooking might not be as tasty as 5 star hotel food but it doesn’t have to be. Setting realistic goals for yourself will also show your children how to function with less stress. Take a minute and ask yourself if you are putting any unnecessary stress and expectations on yourself.

6.) Adjust and adapt. Sometimes you must make sacrifices but don’t just be a ‘yes’ person. Put yourself and your family first and make decisions based around what is best for you and them. Take a look at the kids schedules, are they reasonable or are you rushing from one activity to the next and the children are then not getting enough time to play at home each afternoon.

7.) Be subsequent to your schedule. Time is essential. Ensuring your kids learn this value will save you plenty of time and keep you working happily.

8.) Save some alone time. This may be one of the most difficult points in this list that you will go through. However, as much as possible and whenever it is possible to; indulge in time just by yourself. Read a book. Have your nails done. Pay a visit to the salon. Get yourself a massage, basically, whatever helps keep your mind stress free.

9.) Bond. Family time is every bit important as alone time. Be certain that you spend quality hours alone with your partner and children. Remind yourself that they are the main reason why you are doing this all.

10.) Reserve a savior. You never know when the worst may happen. Ensure there is always a person you can rely on whenever you need help – this may be your mum, friend, neighbour, or somebody you trust in your life.

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