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Are you struggling to meet the deadline?

Do you need 30 hours in a day?

Do you find it difficult to manage multiple assignments at the same time?

Is your boss telling you, “you are incorrigible and inefficient”?

Perhaps, you are not thinking to improve efficiency at work. Whether, in service, profession or business, without efficiency, one cannot succeed. Efficient working leads to better productivity; better productivity results in increased revenue. Efficient working is a regular practice that takes one to the next level of success.

Now, before we move on to discuss tips for being efficient in work, let us understand what efficiency means and how it is related to work.

What is efficiency?

Broadly speaking, efficiency refers to “doing things right” i.e. how one works. Once you have decided what to do, it is the time to decide the way it is to be done. There may be several ways of doing a thing; every process has its advantages and disadvantages.

Every process requires time, energy and money, and the proportion of these inputs depends on the modus operandi of the process. However, among the available alternatives, the best one would be the one that will produce maximum result with minimum input. In the context of a business, this makes more sense.

However, service holders also have to keep in mind the input-output model. For them inputs are- time, effort, skill, knowledge, training, etc. and output is the desired outcome in the form of processing a document, making a decision, closing a deal, etc.

Let us, now, discuss how to become more efficient at work –

  1. There may be a lot of work to be done on your list. You shall have to prioritize them. Prioritizing, simply, means assigning weights to the individual work on your “to do list.” You have to gauge the importance of the work and accordingly give it priority over others. The work that is most essential should be done first, followed by others e.g. complete franchisee documentation before making payment to the daily consumable supplier of your office.
  2. Once you know what to do, think of things you require to perform it. Bring the things together; synchronize them; initiate the work. This is planning. Proper planning is instrumental to the seamless performance of the work.
  3. Try to set aside your personal correspondences during your most productive hours e.g. screen your calls. We do not realize how detrimental they might be, unless we suffer some serious fallout. Better handle your personal tasks during lunch break. Make sure that you don’t lose concentration while doing a critical job.
  4. Do not leave your workstation frequently for smoking.
  5. Depending on your nature of work, use technology to complete your work faster e.g. take the help of automation, faster computer, digital tools, etc.
  6. Set deadlines to complete a task. If you are not good at that, you may use a desktop timer to help you.
  7. In the first half of the day, our brain remains more alert. Hence, try to complete critical/ analytical jobs before lunch. In the post-lunch hours, you may fix appointments with clients, give a sales presentation and do other office chores.
  8. Identify the areas where your team members can help you. Delegate responsibility to your colleagues. This will help you in completing the task, and will enhance the team bond.
  9. Organize your workstation properly. An orderly workstation, free of clutter, will help you to get things in your hand when you need them.
  10. Don’t try to be perfect. Trying to be perfect in all work is nothing but wastage of time and energy. Hence, be fastidious when the work demands so.

If you can implement these small strategies during your working hours, your efficiency is bound to increase. Enough of reading! Now, it’s time to perform.

Susovan Saha holds Master’s degree in Commerce and Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Specialization: Finance). He is a Financial Analyst by profession. He works in ICRA Online Limited in the capacity of a Module Expert.

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