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Did you ever see that movie, “March of the Penguins?” It’s a staggering documentary about emperor penguins and what they go through to feed themselves, mate and hatch their young and let me tell you, if you think we have it bad with stock market crashes and rising oil prices and those 20 pounds we can’t seem to lose, try being an emperor penguin for a year and see how quickly you stop whining.

Try waddling 70 miles through a blizzard with 100 mile an hour winds, on ice, with your ONE egg tucked beneath your belly (where it could roll out and break at any moment), dodging scary, penguin-eating monsters, starvation and exhaustion to your hatching ground where you stand in a huddled mass for weeks, protecting your egg and pooping all over yourself. And try doing it with wings that don’t fly and NO LEGS! I don’t know what these creatures did in a past life to warrant such instinctual hell, but it must have been rill bad because seriously, would legs have been too much to ask? You have to see it to fully appreciate it (I watched the entire thing with my jaw on the ground) but suffice it to say, it lodges that idea in your mind that oh yeah, if you have a clear vision and unshakable focus, you can do anything.

I bring this up because the number one reason people don’t make the kind of money they want to is because they have some sort of limiting belief that’s stopping them. We the people, with our big minds and opposing thumbs, can do great things, but unlike other animals, we can also talk ourselves out of creating the miracles we were put here to create. If those penguins got to make a list of pros and cons, I wonder – 70 miles in sub degree weather with no legs just to have a kid? Maybe I’ll go to college and see the world first.

Our minds are our greatest assets and our biggest liabilities. So out of all the 10 tips on this here How To Make More Money list that I’m about to give you, the first tip is indeed Number 1.

10 Tips For Making More Money:

1.) Get Over Yourself. I read somewhere that if you scooped up all the money in the world and re-distributed it evenly, we’d all eventually wind up where we are now – the rich people would make it all back, the poor would go back to being poor, etc. This is because making money has more to do with your beliefs and your subconscious than what you actually do. Luckily there are books aplenty out there to help you figure it out as well as coaches who can help you tweak your subconscious into thinking more profitable thoughts. A great book I’m currently reading is Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life – it’s like getting a colonic on your subconscious.

2.) Borrow Some Experience. Research other people in the same or similar industries who are super successful and see how they did it. Look not only at their business models and ideas, but notice their attitude towards themselves and what they’re doing. If there’s someone out there who really rocks your world, be brave and ask them to be your mentor. You’d be amazed how many people really like to help (wouldn’t you love to help someone as awesome as yourself once you’ve made it to the top?)

3.) Do Your Numbers. Really sit down and map out what you make, what you need to make and what you want to make by when. Then break it down into what you want to make each week. If your mind has crystal clear goals to go for, it will get there.

4.) Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. Delegate all the piddly little things (and even some of the bigger ones) and save your focus for the big stuff. If you’re already delegating, delegate more. It is essential to pull yourself out of the everyday tasks in order to see the big picture. You won’t be able to see the forest for the trees (and make it grow) if you’re busy updating your address book. I know it’s freaky to try and do this when you have “no money,” but it’s essential if you’re going to make real income. Start small, hire someone on only for an hour a week, and as you start making more, up their hours.

5.) Don’t Wait For Perfect. There’s a fine line between procrastination and perfection. Even if you’re already somewhat successful, you still have limiting beliefs that are holding you back from being even more successful. Perfectionism is often a thinly-veiled attempt at not letting ourselves move forward. Do your best, but don’t be a crazy freak about it because you need to keep moving to grow.

6.) Get Uncomfy. Do things that are scary and risky that you may have never done before. This could mean asking someone really successful for help, opening your second store, taking out a loan, getting investors, launching a new product, rebranding yourself with a whole new image, whatever. Comfort zones are important for regeneration and energizing, but you can’t blossom there. The real growth happens when you break out of the egg and come to life.

7.) Make Passive Income. Figure out ways that you can stop trading dollars for hours. This can come in the form of publishing a book, selling products, making smart investments, buying rental properties, licensing a patent, selling ads on your website – look at what you have already set up and see how you can use it to make money while you sleep.

8.) Hang High. Hang out with people who are doing better than you are. We all have our comfy, awesome friends who love and support us, but in order to really challenge ourselves and grow we need to up the stakes. If you aren’t already, make a point to surround yourself with people who are living the kinds of lives you want to be living. It will provide you with connections, inspiration and get you used to thinking big as a way of life. They should be awesome and supportive too, by the way, but not as comfy – we need to keep you on your toes here.

9.) Hire Smart People. I’ve interviewed lots of successful entrepreneurs and the piece of advice that I find most repeated is to hire people that know how to do the things you don’t. Get people in there who are smarter than you who can easily do the part of the job that makes you pull your hair out. So often we hire people who are like ourselves because it’s more fun/we can control them/etc. You’re running a business, not a sorority, so put your ego aside and let someone who knows what they’re doing take the beast out of your hands.

10.) Love What You Do. Yes, you can make money doing lots of things, but at the end of the day (and at the end of your life) it won’t be worth it if you’ve been miserable the whole time. You’ll also be more inspired to work hard if you do something you love and your energy will attract people and opportunities to you.

Jen Sincero is the bestselling author of The Straight Girl’s Guide to Sleeping With Chicks and Don’t Sleep With Your Drummer. She also teaches an 8 week tele-seminar on How To Write and Sell Your Nonfiction Book Proposal. For more information, please visit”>