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If you are like a lot of people, you are probably always on the look-out for tips and ideas to manage your time more effectively. In this article, I would like to offer 10 practical suggestions that have been proven to be particularly helpful:

1. Prioritize. The night before or first thing in the morning, take a few minutes to go over the things you need to do and put them in order of importance.

2. Have everything you need. Make sure you have everything you need before starting your work (or project) so you don’t have to waste time going back and forth looking for or getting what you need.

3. Do first things first. In other words, try to do the most important or least favored thing first. If you get it out of the way early in the day, then you won’t have to worry about getting done later.

4. Set time limits. Set a time limit for checking email, answering calls, and/or other projects and stick to it. Use a timer or your time tracking software so you don’t waste more time then what you planned on.

5. Just say no. Believe me, I know how difficult it is to say no sometimes; but, you don’t HAVE to do everything someone asks you to do. At the very least, don’t answer right away. Give yourself some space to decide how you want to respond.

6. Just say yes. Huh? I know, I just told you to say no. However, having an ” absolute yes list” of those things that are most important to you will help weed out those things that aren’t aligned with what is important to you or your business.

7. Do one thing at a time. It may seem counter-productive (especially in this multitasking society), but focusing on one thing at a time really is more productive and faster.

8. Ignore the phone and email. You don’t have to answer every email as it comes in or answer the phone every time it rings. Set a specific time once or twice a day to check email and answer phone calls.

9. Delegate. Delegate, delegate, delegate. If you aren’t good at something, not jazzed about doing something, or don’t HAVE to do it yourself, turn it over to your virtual or other assistant. If you don’t have an assistant, get one.

10. Take a step back. Finally, don’t forget to take a break. No matter how busy a person is, we all need some time to recoup and rejuvenate. You’ll be able to have greater focus, make less mistakes and get what you need done faster.

Carol D’Annunzio is an Administrative Support Consultant and with 20 years of experience under her belt, Carol provides expert administrative support to coaches, speakers, writers and other motivational professionals, empowering them to them to focus on their business so they can double their productivity, increase their profitability and gain a more balance in their lives.

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