From the Blog

1. Do you engage in back-ward planning? Plan what you want your outcome to be and then put those steps into place.

2. Make necessary copies two days before you need them (no surprises from a power outage; if you don’t have sufficient paper or toner – you have time to get the necessary supplies).

3. Set out the suit/dress/shirt-tie you want to wear (does it cleaning, do they need to be mended, any buttons missing). Have you gotten directions? (Either call the office of your appointment or do Map Quest) Do you have necessary toll money, bus fare, etc (Exact fare or your Metro Smartcard).

4. Gather what you need for your meeting or presentation – make a list of anything last minute items you may have to add or bring with you. This will allow you to be more effective, no matter what your endeavor!

5. Determine your best energy flow ( morning-person, night owl) and do your difficult projects at that time. Get up an hour early if you have children or a husband to get off to work.

6. Use Post-it-notes.

7. Keep your business cards in a 3-ring binder. By membership group; alphabetically; in order of receipt. Write the date and where/[event] you met the person, listing 1 outstanding trigger of remembrance. File the cards the same day.

8. Working on a project, – turn the telephone ringer off; turn cell phone off.

9. Schedule a specific time to return calls that works for you and your client – suggest 11AM and 3PM. You still have time to make other contacts or put something in the mail.

10. Check E-mail twice a day (not every time a new message reminder “dings”) – suggest 11:30 AM and 3:30 PM. People generally check at lunch.

Gloria-Jean Brown