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Some of these may be pretty self-explanatory, (like sleeping), but here are ten things you can do on your commute to work.

1. Sleep

2. Do work on your laptop

3. Read a book

4. Read the Newspaper

5. Do Sudoku

6. Listen to your iPod

7. Play games on your cell phone

8. Make a new friend-talk to someone new everyday

9. Watch movies on your laptop/cell phone. iPod

10. Write a journal on what you plan to accomplish for the day

It is no secret that public transportation may be more beneficial than commuting to work by car. You do not have the stress of concentrating on the road or rail-in other words, someone else is getting you to work. You are just sitting there! This is great because it frees up your time and energy to do other things (like those above.) Of course you have to pay, but prices are usually affordable. Plus, studies show that mass transit is better for the environment.

Another benefit of public transit is that for the most part, public transit gets you to work on time. Whereas if you are driving to work, you may get to work late. In the morning, you may SAY to yourself that you are going to leave at 8:30, but don’t get out the door until 9:00. The train or bus definitely LEAVES at 8:30, so if you are not there, you will miss it.

If you can, save yourself some time (and gas money) by taking public transit to work. Instead of concentrating on the road, you can concentrate on planning out your day, or reading a book, or doing something from the list above, or something completely different. Safe travels from Career Info One []!

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