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Tolerance is a virtue. There are certain things that a person must be tolerant or broad-minded about. Politics, religion, cultural differences and other issues of morality and civility are great examples.

However, some items shouldn’t be tolerated. You must learn to decide that you cannot spend all of your energy putting up with things that make it impossible for you to function at your peak levels.

Ten Things to Never Tolerate:

Mediocrity: Mediocrity is ordinariness. Being average might be admirable at times, but to succeed in business and in life you must be above average. Do not allow yourself to settle for the norm. Growing means dropping old habits, and expanding your comfort zone. Be passionate, learn everything you can, try new activities, and new ways to do old things. Never settle for “good enough”, strive for the best you can do.

Dishonesty: Dishonesty involves much more than being truthful, although truthfulness is essential. Taking advantage of anyone or using someone to advance at any cost is dishonest. Inner peace cannot live alongside dishonesty. You must be able to like the face you see staring back at you in the mirror.

Inactivity or Laziness: Learning and education without action does not mean that you are growing. Sitting back and thinking about what should be done will accomplish nothing without action. Laziness may be defined as stopping to rest before you are tired. The best place to start is exactly where you are right now. The time to start is also now.

Self-Negativity: There is no place in your life to allow negativity to have room to grow. Your mind is sacred. Open the windows, let light in. Positivity as well as negativity are choices. Always choose to be positive. Negative emotions drain you and put yourself in your own way.

Negativity of Others: You must look out for yourself and control your environment to the greatest degree possible. Although you cannot control the thoughts or actions of others, you can control what you allow to be said to you and what you believe. If you allow others to poison you and prevent you from reaching your goals you are engaging in self-sabotage.

Disorganization: Clear the clutter. Practice basic organizational skills. Get up a few minutes early, plan your day and proceed accordingly. Being disorganized steals your peace of mind, and puts you a step behind.

Unfinished Projects: You are setting yourself up for frustration and failure if you routinely start projects but stop before they are finished. Finish every job that you start. A list of started, but incomplete projects is a downer and prevents you from completing new jobs. This is a self-sabotaging attack on your productivity.

The Wrong Career or Work Environment: Don’t settle for a career that you are not passionate about. Do not accept mediocrity. If you are working in a field in which you know is not the right place for you, take whatever action you need to take to work in the field that is right for you.

Mulling in Regret: We all have made mistakes or errors in judgment. Learn from events that didn’t end the way you wanted them to. Once they are over, let them go and don’t allow them to rule your future. Let the past go, cling to your successes and realize that many failures are really successes in disguise.

Unhealthy relationships: Take care in choosing your friends. Remember that you are known by the company you keep. Spend your time with people who support you and embrace the same set of values you live. Having a lot of friends may seem desirable but having fewer, but well-chosen friends will serve you better.

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