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Have you ever lost focus because you tried to do so many projects or errands at once that by the end of the day nothing really got done at all? The best way to attack a project is to efficiently finish as little of it daily as possible instead of rushing to finish the whole project. This works great with long-term goals. It is best to do as little as possible but as efficient as possible; in order to complete a major goal or project. Forget trying to finish the whole project in one day or an unreal timeframe. Set your goals and attack it daily. It will be a better turn out if all parts of the project are done perfectly instead of the whole project done hastily and poorly. Some of us rush to compete but your creative mind is all-knowing. Your creative mind is how the universe speaks through you.

There is no reason to compete with anyone else because you hold the key to the most powerful thing in the universe, “your own imagination!” The internet is full of resources to help you become more efficient. Many items are free of charge, but the information is priceless when it comes to anything that helps you achieve your dreams and desires. After you have a clear picture of what it is you want; the hard part is acting upon such desires. Action is the only thing holding you back-not competition or lack of capital. Here is a top ten list to get you started on your journey; each number has a little example. But first accept these few facts. A) You are a creative being. B) You are your only competition and no one can beat you but yourself. C) Your universe has all the riches you could ever want and the riches are not going to run out or be depleted. Organizing your mindset and your lifestyle to accept these little facts and realize riches are waiting for the taking but only if you stay creative and efficient. There are many ways to get rich and to be inefficient is not one of them! The list is as follows not to only help you become efficient, but to also become rich.

1. Fill your present space above and beyond your current place. To do this you have to always see the big picture of your assignments and have a vision of completion before it’s complete.

2. Never get carried away. To do this you must complete only the task at hand before going on to the next one that is sure to take attention away from your first task at hand.

3. Consider each day a success or a failure. Every day you will either succeed or fail. It is up to you to finish the assignments that you hand selected and organized on your to do list. It’s simple really you fail if you did not complete it in the allotted time for the day and you succeeded if you finished; therefore you have achieved advanced efficiency.

4. Quality control. Always select the things that will result in high quality instead of the things that will result in high quantity. Only when something is done perfectly will it be ready for mass reproduction. Don’t spend time on the mass production side, in due time it will come.

5. Do not do too many things in an inefficient manner; rather do a few things efficiently. This should have been number 1 to me. It sums up the 80/20 rule perfectly, where 20% of your tasks will get 80% of your attention to maximize productivity.

6. Decide between your strong acts verses your weak acts. Look at your strengths and do those first that fit your knowledge base, these assignments will be most successful because you already know how to do them efficiently.

7. Successful acts are repeated by the greats. Once you find a grand system that works well, repeat it and let no one deter you from such a system until it becomes a non-successful act.

8. Let things attached themselves to you only after you have strong, successful acts. People are attracted to leaders who can do the job no matter what the assignment entails.

9. In one day do all you can do in the best and most efficient manner as possible! Let this day be a day to remember because we are nothing but leaves blowing in the wind, here one day and gone the next.

10. Hold on to your vision. Memorize your destination. Refer to pictures you have placed in your mind or your desk when times get tough. Poverty does not exist, wealth is the only truth. Your dreams will come true if you stay true to your beliefs. It will come to you and you will be ready to acquire it once it arrives because in reality you were always living there anyway.

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