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If you sometimes feel you will never be able to accomplish your dream, due to never having enough capital, the right connections or all the skills required, you need not worry anymore as many just like you, who found themselves in the same situation, were able to achieve their dreams with great success, despite the challenges they faced. Following are ten of the most inspiring stories of people who started from practically nothing, and yet achieved what seemed to be impossible.

Oprah Winfrey was born poor in the woods of Mississippi to a poor single teenage mother; she grew up without the many things we take for granted everyday: no shoes, no flushing toilets or new clothes. Despite these circumstances Oprah was named as the first black woman billionaire.

Colonel Sanders lived off $105 in the form of social security checks. He received 1099 no’s before he heard his first “yes”. By 1964 Sanders had 600 franchises selling his trademark chicken

Joanne Rowling suffered from major depression, was unemployed and living off welfare. Her manuscripts for the Harry Potter series would be rejected many times. In 2000, her writings had reportedly earned her 400Million for her first three books.

Warren Buffet would deliver newspapers in Omaha at 13 years old to earn a living. His application to attend Harvard University would be denied. Warren would apply and eventually graduate with a degree from Columbia University. Warren with his degree in hand was unable to obtain a position at any financial firm, and would have to take a teaching position in order to survive. He is now the second richest man in the world with a net worth of 40Billion.

Madonna Louise Ciccone at 5 would see her mother die of breast cancer, her father would remarry and she would have a difficult time accepting her step mother and her new family. Madonna had little money when she dropped out of college to pursue dance and would work at Dunkin Donuts to survive. Since, her struggles she has sold more than 200Million albums.

Michael Dell in attending Texas University posted an ad on the bulletin board to fix and upgrade computers in his dorm room to start his computer business. He dropped out of college after just one year to set up his own store. Today Michael Dell has an estimated net worth of 12.3Billion and Dell in 2006 posted sales of 56Billion.

John Mackey and his girlfriend Renee would drop out of college to start their first health food store named Safer Way in Mackey’s garage in Austin, Texas. Mackey would borrow $10,000 and raised an extra $35,000 to open the first vegetarian store in all of Texas. Safer Way would merge with another health food store and become known as Whole Foods. Whole Foods now has over 270 stores and is growing.

Alex Rodrequiz, who spoke Spanish, would struggle to keep up in school, but made it through his love of baseball. Alex’s father would leave the family to find work and would never return, his mother would have to work to make ends meet. Alex would devote all his time to baseball, which would lead to the richest baseball contract in history, a ten year contract with the New York Yankees worth 275Million.

Les Wexner grew up in a working class family; he worked hard to get the things other children got for free. He would cut grass in the summers and shovel snow in the winters to make an allowance. Les always had a love for retail architecture and would drop out of college to start his own clothing store with a $5000 loan from his aunt. In five years he built enough stores to go public. What started as one small store grew to become Victoria’s Secret, Abercrombie & Fitch, Express Men and Limited Too.

Richard Branson suffered from dyslexia, as a result Branson performed poorly in school. He would buy crates of discounted records and sell them out of the trunk of his car to retail outlets and through mail orders under the name “Virgin”. He made enough money to open his own retail store in London, which would lead to creating a record label known as Virgin Records. Branson now has over 360 companies under the Virgin brand including Virgin Airlines. As of 2008 Branson has an estimated net worth of $2.5Billion.

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