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1. Analyze financial prospective for your future without changing the way you make your living today -what will be your life like when you’ll be unable to work?..

2. Talk to retirees-what they say about living on Social Security benefits? You have a chance to be more successful if start moving to it…

3. Count your savings-for how long they will cover your expenses in case of emergency? You better start moving and succeed now, then be sorry later…

4. Make a list of your wishes, decisions, resolutions, and against every one of them write estimate amount of money you need to accomplish at least most of this list. Calculate the total amount. And now divide it on your monthly income. How many lives will you need to put them into practice?..

5. Examine success of your classmates and other acquaintances, but only those who moved toward their success with more determination and persistence then you. Would you like to feel like a looser?..

6. Save serious enough amount of money (about 2-3 monthly incomes), and then try to live in style for some time, relax, forget about all the problems. Commit to memory of this period of time, full of piece and joy in your heart. Would you like to live like that most of your life? Then what are waiting for? Move toward it.

7. You definitely know that things need to be changed, but don’t have enough of incentives. Then take as a rule at least for a month to be in contact with atmosphere of success. Watch movies and shows based of rich and successful people lives, visit expensive stores and other places for folks with big money. Read books about them. Spend the whole month for thorough probe of success. What do you think, are these people a lot different than you are? Sure they are not. So, you too star moving to the success you deserve.

8. Go to exhibits, meetings, clubs, training sessions where leaders get together. Use Internet to communicate with successful people and learn their story of moving toward success.

9. Change your attitude toward money. Look at money not from the side of shortage, but from the side of excess of it. You’ll come up to conclusion that making money is a job, same as making any tangible product or valuable service. And it’s very important to be financially secure for both you personally (you can help others), and for whole society (if every citizen is OK, then the country is OK). Do you feel obligated to be successful? Then start moving toward your success!

10. Watch Para Olympics, read about those without arms or legs who win Olympic medals. What prevents you from building new life like they did, from moving toward your success?

So, start today to change your life for the better!

Tatyana Sunguryan

CarbonCopyPro M2 consultant

[email protected]