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As we arrive at the end of the first decade of the 21st century, success is being redefined and achieved in new and exciting ways. I believe in the 21st century, success will be increasingly about authenticity, intentional living, global awareness, and contribution as a global citizen. How can you improve your chances for success this year and beyond? The following are 10 concepts that more and more successful people are learning to master.

1, Be Present – Be real, grounded, present about your reality and true feelings; come from a place of pure honesty with yourself.

2. Clearing and Letting go – Decide what you don’t want or like in your life and get rid of it to make room for people and situations that you really want in your life. Let go of personal burdens from the past and present, whether they are thoughts, physical possessions, people, situations, ways of being that no longer serve you well.

3. Attraction – Understand the Attraction Principle and the idea of intentioning your life the way you would like it to be. Use the power of visualization and aligned action. Allow negative competition to become a thing of the past.

4. Abundance – Learn how to master the Abundance principle. Come from a place of knowing that you already have what you want and are the person you want to be. You have an abundance of everything in life. Combine this with the attraction principle to become more abundant. Allow the idea of “lack” to become a thing of the past.

5. Spirituality – Understand that spirituality does not necessarily have anything to do with religion. It is a way of being connected to something bigger than you. Feel how you are one with this world and humanity.

6. Quantum Thinking – think bigger than you ever have dared before. Be aware of the tremendous power of our global connection and oneness.

7. Service Mentality – Being contribution-focused is essential for success in the 21st century. When you add value to someone else’s life without the expectation of something in return, you come from a place of abundance and love, which is a positive catalyst for living as a global citizen.

8. Authenticity and Life Purpose – Living an authentic and purposeful life is absolutely essential for living a meaningful and fulfilling life in the 21st century. Being connected to your true essence helps you understand your life purpose more clearly.

9. Be Global oriented – Being open to the world and different ways of thinking can enhance your understanding of yourself and your place in the world. Orient yourself towards your spirit’s global family; connect with people with similar interests, values, goals from around the world; Use technology (my space, blogs, audio, email, skype, etc.) to connect and share.

10. Being a Global Citizen – Understand what it means to be global-oriented, to live as a global citizen, to be a global role model and leader. Global citizens are driven by a compelling vision, driving passions and unshakable belief. They stand by their convictions and add value to the world.

Which success concepts would you like to master this year? What positive benefits would mastering one of these concepts bring to your life?

Elizabeth Kruempelmann is the founder of Global Citizen Coaching and is also a writer, wife, mother of two and a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF). Her book is called ‘The Global Citizen: A Guide to Creating an International Life and Career’. She loves hearing from readers, especially global citizens who are discovering their true paths. For more information on life coaching and authentic living, visit [] and [].