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Right now it seems as though my ‘work life‘ is my whole life. Everything revolves around it. What happens when we no longer have that purpose or direction in our lives?

How do we shift gears from a forty hour work week to RETIRED?

Planning what you will be doing is imperative. Maintaining a schedule, with plenty of flexibility, to give your retirement that enjoyable, relaxed feeling but still give meaning to each day.

I don’t want to spend the next twenty plus years (I’m being optimistic) waking up and saying, “OK, what will I do today?” Languishing my life away.

#1 – Stay active – Doesn’t everyone say that? OK, but it’s true. We must stay healthy, Boomers will be the largest group of senior citizens EVER! Staying healthy and maintaining your mobility has to be our top priority! I walk two mile every morning and it’s a fantastic jump start to the day.

#2 – Keep you Brain active – Whether your decide to learn a language, learn to play a musical instrument, or go back to college. Exercise your brain, it may also reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s (I can’t think of a more horrible disease).

Your Brain is like a muscle, you have to exercise it, that means challenging it with thoughts.

A new trend is Boomers reinventing themselves in another occupation after retirement. Keep your brain active, even volunteering.

#3 – Stay Social – When you leave your job, you leave good friends behind, and a big part of your life is left behind as well. Sometimes we find that when we no longer work together we have less in common, so many times, those friendships do not continue. Be prepared, this could be very disappointing.

Before you leave your job, start to develop new friends and interests outside of work. If you have a hobby like photography or Kayaking, find a group or start a group of people who have the same interests.

Oh, I know you are a wonderful grandparent, but don’t let anyone take advantage of your extra time, it’s yours, and you have earned it. Of course you love your grand kids, but that’s NOT your new job.

#4 – Volunteer – Get involved in the lives of others, find a meaningful way to contribute, even in any small way. Do you know English? OK, you can teach English as a second language.

Also, many libraries have tutor sessions, you can volunteer a couple days a week, yet another way to meet those new friends who will help you forget that J.O.B.

#5 – Family-Stay in touch – This is a great time to research your family tree, if you’ve never done so, it is so much easier now.

Also, if you are one of those people who “don’t do email, you’d better get with the program, or be left behind. Technology is not going anywhere except up. You will be surprised how easy it really is.

#6 – Travel – I think, above all else, this is what everyone says they’ll do, but don’t. Why?

Even if you only travel one new place each week, or once each month, do so, it will broaden your horizons, and give you something new to talk about. If you like history, start with museums.

#7 – Plant Something – I know this may sound a little weird, but you can get a remarkable sense of peace and fulfillment by putting something in the ground and watching it flourish. I love the feel of the earth between my fingers.

#8 – Reading – Surprise yourself, pick a book that you would never in a million years read. You may learn something.

#9 – Date Night – Go out on an evening date (not during the early bird hours of 4 to 6) with your spouse. If you’re not married, find a friend who can use a night on the town.

A place with live music will work best.

#10 – Find Yourself – This may be a term right out of the sixties. Get comfortable with who you are and what you have done in your life, don’t leave this world wondering if you could have done better. There’s still plenty of time. Write a book. Make a statement. Invent the next Post it! Let’s make it count!!

Creating new habits do not happen overnight, and sometimes we also need a little more guidance to make the change. I retired to live my passion by becoming a Certified Hypnotherapist. I simply love my new mission.
I facilitate change in the lives of my clients. If you are still vertical, it’s never to late to make those changes that you have always wanted.
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