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“People begin to become successful the minute they decide to be” Harvey Mackay

As the new year has blessed us, new hope and opportunity are in the atmosphere. People are filled with optimism and new ambition. It is a good time to press the restart button on some old forgotten goals, or try something totally new. Embarking on a new venture can be exciting, exhilarating and extremely scary all at once. Starting a new business from scratch or collaborating on a new project with someone, or starting a new diet can be stressful and overwhelming.

I can recall one of my first entrepreneurial ventures as a teen giving my friends and eventually charging strangers for haircuts. It all started with my mom (whom I love unconditionally, hi mom), cutting my hair on a late tired Sunday night. This night something slipped and Monday was one of the longest school days I have endured in my life. From that day I decided to start cutting my own hair, If I was going to look jacked up, at least I would have myself to blame, but I got good at it. Soon I went from getting laughed at in school to getting compliments and inquiries on who my new barber was. I didn’t want to admit that I was doing my own hair until I felt comfortable enough to cut my friends hair and charge.$ I wanted to develop my skill, and my truly close friends allowed me to trial and error on them until I was ready to go public. Eventually they reaped the benefits of having semi professional haircuts on the house.

I realized that sometimes your toughest critics and dream killers can be your closest friends and families. The “get a real job” crowd that you may be surrounded by. I was lucky to have support for my goals, but many people experience the opposite. A mother or father or uncle, grandmother or close friend can influence your venture before you have a firm grip on what you are doing. You have to treat your dreams like a baby. You have to take the time to nourish, cultivate your plans and really get confident in what you are doing before you introduce it to the world. It may take 9 months while you research, make the adjustments you need to make in your life economically, socially get yourself together and then, boom!

If you start talking too soon to the wrong people, there is a chance that someone may plant a seed of doubt in your brain that may lead you to abort your beloved dreams. Be careful with your goals this year. Stay determined. Stay laser like focused on your desired outcome and make the proper preparations to make the changes in your life that you desire.

Omar Huff is a motivational and success speaker and author of the upcoming book “SuccessThruDetermination”, and website of the same name, []