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“While they were saying among themselves it cannot be done, it was done.” Helen Keller

It has been said that repitition is the mother of learning. You remember from grade school having to repeat the alphabet, learning the letters and putting them together to form words. Spelling cat became second nature, an instant response after a while. From cat you went on to sentences and and some complex paragraphs to essays. A whole new world opened up for you, but it all started from drilling those alphabets into your brain until it was like breathing.

The same can be said about mathematics and mastering through repitition of the basic principles of of adding, dividing, multiplying and subtraction. Your mind becomes proficient through repitition and new doors of power are opened up for the mind to explore. I should say that having a strong desire to learn something through repitition for a specific purpose is ultimately the idea. There are many lessons that I have learned throughout the course of my young schooling that I simply learned for the sake of passing a test. Some of those great lessons I probably could not recall easily to this day. My point is that you can train your mind for the success that you want through the technique of writing down your goals and dreams and often repeating them in your personal time.

Imagination, goal setting and a positive attitude are your tools. If you have not already, write down your goals, plans and dreams and read them repeatedly to yourself in the spirit of having already accomplished them. You may think that this is silly, but I would suggest that it is silly not to. You dont have to make a grand announcement to your family and friends, but this should be your very personal training session for your future reality. Through the repitition of your plans and dreams, with the work behind it and the belief that you will achieve, the people around you will begin to feel your magnetism. When you are feeling low and frustrated as life throws those curve balls, call upon your written letter to yourself. As you continue to absorb with your imagination the reality of your goals and dreams your mind will internalize those words and you will soon find yourself in tune and in a position to accomplish what you want. Do this for as long as you need to. Make adjustments to your plans if you have to as your vision crystallizes, but you must not give up. Give your mind time to absorb and take over and then get out of your own way.

Omar Huff is an international business man and motivational speaker. He speaks on how to achieve personal success through determination and is the author of the upcoming book “SuccessThruDetermination”. Check out the website []